My June 2013 in Photos

Okay, let's try it again. I have been religiously taking photos every day for Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge. You can view the photos on my Instagram and Flickr accounts. Sadly, I don't blog about it. 

Since it's mid 2013, thought I could try posting again. 

My June went something like this -- 

Day 1 - B is for Burger King
2 - A moment (Watching this little angel - my nephew - sleep.)
3 - On my table (We went to Jollibee for lunch.)
4 - After dark (Time to call it a day. Back to Bulacan.)
5 - Environment (Surprised with all the construction in Bonifacio Global City)
6 - Transport (The Philippine jeepney)
7 - Bright (Glow in the dark horse)
8 - An animal (A cow and a sheep cookies - favors from Julian's baptism)
9 - From down low (Glorietta 4 and the Ascott Hotel)
10 - Me!!! (This type of journal is perfect for me. From a very dear friend.)
11 - Something funny (This poor little kid has no idea what's going on.)
12 - 11 o'clock (Time to sleep)
13 - Kitchen (Our host's kitchen in Punta Fuego)
14 - Texture (A baby's soft skin)
15 - From above (Time to go home)
16 - Family (Father's day dinner)
17 - Centered (My bowl of cereal for breakfast)
18 - Street (Early part of the morning when streets are still vendor-free.)
19 - Currently reading (I have put off reading for quite sometime now. Too many things happening and I cannot find the time. Then this sequel came out. Hopefully this will get me back to reading again.)
20 - Cute (The Baskin-Robbins' line of shorts from Uniqlo)
21 - Lunchtime (Chicken marinated with my favorite Mama Sita Barbeque Marinade Mix + Quinoa with Corn)
22 - Enjoying life (We are back in our daily grind. And weekends are family time. Today, we chose to watch Man of Steel.)
23 - Last (This Friday is my son's last day in school. Oh no!)
24 - Negative space (It is so easy to fall in love with these little things again.)
25 - Sharp (Edges)
26 - Empty (I love going to malls when it just opened as halls are empty and I can shop minus the crowd.)
27 - Into the sun (It's another gloomy day in Bangkok.)
28 - Red (Strawberries for breakfast)
29 - In my bag (What was inside my bag)
30 - Handwriting (Once upon a time, I can do the Paulinian handwriting very well. Not anymore though.)

Watch out for July's photos next!

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