My July 2013 in Photos

The second half of the year begins with 2013. Time really is moving very fast. And the baby in my tummy has gotten so big. By the end of July, I am on my 31st week. 

And my July went like this --

Day 1 - Happiness is...receiving these Pinoy goodies unexpectedly.
2 - Shoes (We're Crocs wearing mommy & son team.)
3 - Cold (Frozen desserts I found in our neighborhood grocery)
4 - Red, white and blue (My current obsession, baby onesies)
5 - Love
6 - Fave smell (At the moment, I am loving the scent of lavender.)
7 - Where I am (The "You Are Here" in every floor plan)
8 - Path
9 - Three things (The three varieties of Cheetos in Thailand)
10 - Smooth (Cooking squid for dinner)
11 - I wore this!
12 - A bad habit (But french fries taste sooo good!)
13 - 4 o'clock (I am all shopped out. Shopping for me, my unborn son and my firstborn child.)
14 - Edible (I ordered this salmon dish from IKEA and it's only 150 baht. Not bad.)
15 - Outside the window (Rush hour traffic slowly building up along the street in front of us.)
16 - Bottle (Coke and Sprite in Thai)
17 - Inspirational (My daily reminder, Philippians 4:8)
18 - Number (My toddler's Elmo phone)
19 - Building (And my little boy spotted the rainbow!)
20 - Hot (Steamed barbecue pork bun or commonly known in the Philippines as siopao asado)
21 - Fave food (I love Filipino pancit! I learned to cook it when we moved to Bangkok.)
22 - Grey
23 - I drew this! (In reality, I do not draw. Just hearts and happy faces.)
24 - D is for Dymo label maker (My current obsession is labeling. And I also discovered the wonderful world of washi tapes.)
25 - Ground (The sidewalk in Bangkok. Actually, I think this sidewalk pattern is all over Thailand.)
26 - The everyday (I have several books to read to Javi every evening but he always asks me to read this to him every time.)
27 - Black + white
28 - This is new! (I have piles and piles of baby clothes which I need to wash and sort.)
29 - Perspective (Rush hour and after the downpour traffic in Bangkok)
30 - Friendship (Buzz and Woody)

There you have it, I am now updated. Stay tuned for how my August will turn out. 

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