I Am Back with News!

I was on an unexpected blog hiatus for the first quarter of this year. Real life happened. Changes are inevitable. I am back and hopefully for a longer time.

It's been a crazy first quarter of the year. My sweet little boy is now going to school. Last week was his first week. He did very well. Not a lot of tears from him and me. It's heartbreaking to see him grow up so fast.

Javi on his first day of school

Today, he was picked up by the school bus. I think I was more anxious than him. Oh, he was fine. 

Now, you guys figured out how I have time to finally open my blog and write something. This alone time is surreal. When Javi was a baby, I wished for the day when he would go to school so I can have some time for myself. Then a few weeks before his school opening, I wished I could keep him with me longer. Yes, I am a crazy momma.  

Our little family has news. We will be adding another member to the family. I am 18 weeks pregnant. 

I hesitated sharing about it because I was spotting during the first trimester. But it was a one time thing and the baby continues to be very healthy. 

We found out the gender of the baby last weekend. 

Pink or Blue?
We are having another BOY.

I just wanted to share this piece of news. 2013 is going to be one exciting year for us. God is good!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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