Photo-A-Day December 2012: Third Week

It's already 2013 and I haven't finished posting the rest of December's photo challenge.

This and several upcoming posts will all be about catching up. Sorry for the late posts.

Day 15 - Outdoors
This is the BTS Asok station.We're waiting for the train to bring us home. We've been out the entire day - lunch with another family, watched The Hobbit and went around Terminal 21.

Day 16 - Something I made
I made a phone call to the food delivery service. It's a Sunday and I am usually on break from cooking.

Day 17 - On the floor
I have a toddler so almost every toy is on the floor. His favorite now is his bowling set from my sister.

Day 18 - Makes me feel merry
We just put up our Christmas decorations. Finally.

Day 19 - Something beginning with "s"
This is the spiral slide at Playtime. Javi and Asia had a playdate this morning. Happy little boy.

Day 20 - Weather
It is bright and sunny in Bangkok. We have this summer kind of weather all year round.

Day 21- Tree
Christmas tree at The City Viva.


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