Photo-A-Day November 2012: Fourth and Last Week

My favorite month is ending. So grateful that the last week was spent with my mother and sister. 

Day 22 - Grateful
So happy my phone arrived days before the expected delivery date. It's time to say goodbye to my trusty ol' BlackBerry phone.

Day 23 - Black
Friday is laundry day. My hangers and clothespin are black. I chose a neutral color.

Day 24 - A sound I heard
Familiar voices. My house guests are here. My mom and sister are visiting for the week. 

Day 25 - Sky
Overcast sky on a Sunday in Bangkok.

Day 26 - In the cupboard
My cupboard badly needs organization.

Day 27 - Tree
A Christmas tree from a Starbucks branch we visited today. 

Day 28 - Vehicle
Traffic jam in Bangkok

Day 29 - Big
The Empire Tower in Bangkok. 

Day 30 - On the wall
It's finally Christmas in our building. There are decorations everywhere.

Was your November a good month? Moving on to December.

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