Photo-A-Day November 2012: Third Week

I have seriously neglected my blog. 

Anyway, catching up on my monthly photo challenge.  

My third week of November went like this -- 

Day 15 - In my bag
In my reusable bag. Christmas cards and packages for mailing. 
So happy I get to send them out so early this year.

Day 16 - The view from my window
I always take photos of the view from our unit. I am in love with our view. 
So this is a different angle, it's peeking through our window pane.

Day 17 - The last thing I bought
It's the weekend so time to do our grocery shopping and re-stock our fruits and veggies.

Day 18 - Happened this week
We went to the Filipino store and we ended up buying this marinated bangus or milkfish. 
We ate it for Sunday lunch.

Day 19 - Something awesome
These are the Malaysian edition of the Starbucks 2013 planners. I love the leather cover with zipper.

Day 20 - Work/play
Have been busy exporting my Multiply blogs and downloading all media files. 
Multiply will focus on online selling and will therefore shut down other services by December 1. 
I have too many memories on Multiply.

Day 21 - What I wore
Got this tank top from Chatuchak market. Perfect for home. 

Off to the fourth week!

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