Photo-A-Day November 2012: First Week

Hello November! You are my favorite month. People close to me know why.

And here is my first week of November in photos --

Day 1 - Something beginning with "C"
Whenever we visit a Starbucks store, my son gets an oatmeal raisin cookie.  

Day 2 - Colour
This is my little boy's improvised ball pool at home.

Day 3 - Breakfast
We had to go to my son's doctor appointment so I ended up with just a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Day 4 - TV
Sunday night is our family movie night. I am relaxed when this is my view. 

Day 5 - 5 o'clock
It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon and traffic along Narathiwas Road is still light.

Day 6 - A favourite thing
A drawerful of my favorite 3-in-1 coffee, Kopiko Brown. Oh, the lengths I go to, to ensure my stock is full. 

Day 7 - Reflection
A reflection of my little boy on his new bike. 

For the complete set of my November photo entries, please check out my Flickr album here

How did your first week go?

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