My Perfect Kind of Day

I look forward to my birthdays even if I cringe that I am getting old. I'm probably in another age category again.

I shared with my closest girlfriend that my dream day would be a staycation in a nearby hotel, then an afternoon of pampering and I will meet my two boys for dinner. 

Now that didn't happen.

I am a planner. I like to plan for everything. My husband is not. He is spontaneous. We complement each other. And I had a wonderful day because of it.

And my perfect day began with ---

I was on my way out get some coffee when someone delivered this...

I absolutely love flowers.

My husband had them delivered.

 And it came with a card. I was teary eyed. 

I always look for a card on a gift. It is sometimes more important for me than the present itself.

I got my Toffee Nut Latte which came with those free drink after answering a survey receipt. It truly is a special day.

And I came home to breakfast especially prepared by my husband. I just let him spoil me on this day. 

We left for lunch after a couple of hours to this Italian Bistro that I've always wanted to go back to. 

Javi needed time to play so we headed over to a play area. I searched for a spa so I can get that much-needed massage.

I found a spa and I had a 90-minute body massage. 

We moved on to another mall. I wanted to see Skyfall.  My husband and son stopped for a snack before the movie. 

I agree Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies. My father would've liked it. Javier Bardem, you are brilliant. If you notice, I named my son after you.

We wanted to dine somewhere special for dinner but the movie took longer than we expected. So we ended up with pizza and red wine for late dinner at home.  

Oh, I also logged off from Facebook, most part of the day. And that was bliss! When I logged on again, I found all the wonderful greetings from family and friends. I had a difficult time acknowledging each person who greeted. Facebook has suddenly become not so user friendly. 

I had the perfect day. I only needed to spend it with two people who mattered the most to me. 

I am a year older and hopefully a year wiser.
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  1. Happy birthday, Irma! I'm glad that you had a wonderful day with your family filled with love and relaxation! Many more to come!

  2. Ate!! I didn't know birthday mo!
    Dagdag ako ng gift sa next parcel ko for you!


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