Photo-A-Day November 2012: Third Week

I have seriously neglected my blog. 

Anyway, catching up on my monthly photo challenge.  

My third week of November went like this -- 

Day 15 - In my bag
In my reusable bag. Christmas cards and packages for mailing. 
So happy I get to send them out so early this year.

Day 16 - The view from my window
I always take photos of the view from our unit. I am in love with our view. 
So this is a different angle, it's peeking through our window pane.

Day 17 - The last thing I bought
It's the weekend so time to do our grocery shopping and re-stock our fruits and veggies.

Day 18 - Happened this week
We went to the Filipino store and we ended up buying this marinated bangus or milkfish. 
We ate it for Sunday lunch.

Day 19 - Something awesome
These are the Malaysian edition of the Starbucks 2013 planners. I love the leather cover with zipper.

Day 20 - Work/play
Have been busy exporting my Multiply blogs and downloading all media files. 
Multiply will focus on online selling and will therefore shut down other services by December 1. 
I have too many memories on Multiply.

Day 21 - What I wore
Got this tank top from Chatuchak market. Perfect for home. 

Off to the fourth week!

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Photo-A-Day November 2012: Second Week

It's my favorite week of my favorite month of the every year.

Day 8 - Something I do everyday
I am a housewife so one of my daily task is to COOK my family's meals. Sometimes, I love what I do while there are times when I want to take a break from it.

Day 9 - Small
These are Smurf gummies from Germany.

Day 10 - Can't {won't} live without
I can't and won't live without my husband's thoughtfulness. He got me these pretty flowers for my birthday.

Day 11 - Night
Sunday evening along Narathiwas Road was traffic free.

Day 12 - Drink
Still working on drinking as much water as I can. I keep a water log so I know how much I've drank throughout the day.

Day 13 - Where I slept
Someone crossed over the big bed.

Day 14 - Man-made
This is the waiting lounge at the Pediatrics Department on BNH Hospital. We were there for Javi's check-up.This is the waiting lounge at the Pediatrics Department on BNH Hospital. We were there for Javi's check-up.

It was a beautiful week! And I am finally catching up on my blog. Christmas is making its way to our home. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!
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My Perfect Kind of Day

I look forward to my birthdays even if I cringe that I am getting old. I'm probably in another age category again.

I shared with my closest girlfriend that my dream day would be a staycation in a nearby hotel, then an afternoon of pampering and I will meet my two boys for dinner. 

Now that didn't happen.

I am a planner. I like to plan for everything. My husband is not. He is spontaneous. We complement each other. And I had a wonderful day because of it.

And my perfect day began with ---

I was on my way out get some coffee when someone delivered this...

I absolutely love flowers.

My husband had them delivered.

 And it came with a card. I was teary eyed. 

I always look for a card on a gift. It is sometimes more important for me than the present itself.

I got my Toffee Nut Latte which came with those free drink after answering a survey receipt. It truly is a special day.

And I came home to breakfast especially prepared by my husband. I just let him spoil me on this day. 

We left for lunch after a couple of hours to this Italian Bistro that I've always wanted to go back to. 

Javi needed time to play so we headed over to a play area. I searched for a spa so I can get that much-needed massage.

I found a spa and I had a 90-minute body massage. 

We moved on to another mall. I wanted to see Skyfall.  My husband and son stopped for a snack before the movie. 

I agree Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies. My father would've liked it. Javier Bardem, you are brilliant. If you notice, I named my son after you.

We wanted to dine somewhere special for dinner but the movie took longer than we expected. So we ended up with pizza and red wine for late dinner at home.  

Oh, I also logged off from Facebook, most part of the day. And that was bliss! When I logged on again, I found all the wonderful greetings from family and friends. I had a difficult time acknowledging each person who greeted. Facebook has suddenly become not so user friendly. 

I had the perfect day. I only needed to spend it with two people who mattered the most to me. 

I am a year older and hopefully a year wiser.
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Photo-A-Day November 2012: First Week

Hello November! You are my favorite month. People close to me know why.

And here is my first week of November in photos --

Day 1 - Something beginning with "C"
Whenever we visit a Starbucks store, my son gets an oatmeal raisin cookie.  

Day 2 - Colour
This is my little boy's improvised ball pool at home.

Day 3 - Breakfast
We had to go to my son's doctor appointment so I ended up with just a cup of coffee for breakfast.

Day 4 - TV
Sunday night is our family movie night. I am relaxed when this is my view. 

Day 5 - 5 o'clock
It's 5 o'clock in the afternoon and traffic along Narathiwas Road is still light.

Day 6 - A favourite thing
A drawerful of my favorite 3-in-1 coffee, Kopiko Brown. Oh, the lengths I go to, to ensure my stock is full. 

Day 7 - Reflection
A reflection of my little boy on his new bike. 

For the complete set of my November photo entries, please check out my Flickr album here

How did your first week go?

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