Photo-A-Day October 2012: Third Week

October is saying goodbye soon. How did your third week go?

Mine went like this...

Day 15 - Dinnertime
Dinner took longer to make tonight because I had to cut so many veggies. 

Day 16 - Something I wrote
This blog.  I really wish  I have more time for it.

Day 17 - Fruit
Now, this dragon fruit is definitely eye catching. From our neighborhood supermarket.

Day 18 - Made me smile
My husband brought home these deep fried fish skin. 
I love these! They're from Singapore.

Day 19 - Letters
This is a banner of the post office next to where we live. I find the mascot really cute. 
Take note of the the Thai characters which I cannot understand.

Day 20 - Four o'clock
At four o'clock in the afternoon, I was waiting to board the train which would take me to the mall.

Day 21 - Calm
My idea of calm is a vendor-free side street. 
And this only happens on weekends. 

My full-sized Photo-A-Day October photos may be found here.

Enjoy the rest of your October!

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  1. I've tasted dragonfruit shake when my Dad and I went to Vigan last month. It tasted like bland avocado. Does it taste like that there, too?


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