Photo-A-Day October 2012: Fourth & Last Week

I will keep this short as I need to catch up on so many things on my blog.

Sharing my last weeks of the tenth month in photos --

Day 22 - In my town
Bangkok is well known for its street food. It's such a delight to discover the variety of food items the vendors are selling. One can get a complete meal from these different vendors.

Day 23 - The view from here
From our balcony, we can see the intersection of Sathorn and Narathiwas Roads. My little boy likes pointing out the train when he sees it.

Day 24 - Weather
It was a cloudy Wednesday morning in Bangkok.

Day 25 - People
Little people from the Kinder Chocolate Egg. They are so cute!

Day 26 - Listening to
I am listening to Glee casts Christmas album. Yes to Christmas songs in October. I am Filipino, after all. Christmas starts as early as September where I'm from.

Day 27 - Morning
We ended up in the hospital as the little boy accidentally poked his left ear and it was bleeding. Thankfully, he only hit the skin and not the ear drum. All's good.

Day 28 - Looking back
My son gave me an idea for today's prompt when he asked to take a look at our wedding photos. 

Day 29 - Moon
The full moon was absolutely beautiful over Bangkok. Sadly, my phone's camera does not shoot very well at night.

Day 30 - Clothes
This is my favorite piece of clothing right now. My very first top from H&M.

Day 31 - Whatever I please
These are poke marks my little boy made with his birthday cake. 

For my complete Photo-A-Day October 2012 photos, do check out my Flickr album here.

And just like that we say goodbye to October. Hope yours was an eventful one.

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