Photo-A-Day October 2012: First Week

I am rushing to catch up with Photo-A-Day recaps. Hoping my blogging schedule will return to normal. Please please please.

So I am now on October! The tenth month of the year. And somehow my favorite as it my little boy's birth month.

Day 1 - Where I stood
The view from our balcony on a Monday morning while I hang our laundry to dry.

Day 2 - Lunchtime
Lunch today is chicken and mixed greens with my favorite sesame dressing.

Day 3 - This happened today
My husband was home sick yet he was still working.

Day 4 - What I read
It's actually what I'm reading. This book is  an eye opener and teaching me it's okay to say "no."

Day 5 - Shadow
This is me taking a photo of my shadow with the bright sunshine as I hang our clothes to dry.

Day 6 - I'm thankful for
Grateful for a wonderful Saturday out with my two boys. My little boy was dancing in very store mirror he finds. While he was napping, my husband and I watched Taken 2 peacefully.

Day 7 - Light
Light from our bedside lamp. I find it really soothing.

I'm now up-to-date with my photo-a-day recaps. Yay! 

Enjoy your week!

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