Call Me, Never?

You may be surprised to find out that I am not a fan of the telephone. Well, not the phone itself as I love smartphones. But the act of talking to another person on the phone feels torture. I am serious when I say the only person I talk to is my husband. My family comes next. But we're not phone people. Not even when I live far from them.

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While reading about the introvert personality, I found out, not being fond of phone conversations is one of the traits. I am a truly a introvert as I read more about it. I am also always unavailable on Facebook chat, Skype, YM. I cannot strike a conversation with just about anyone. I consider it small talk which is my waterloo.  

It is not that I am incommunicado, there are text messages, BBM, Twitter direct messages, Facebook private messages or even e-mail messages. It's probably the urgency of a phone call and the fact that I am always in the middle of something.

However emergency situations are different. I would pick up when I see several missed calls on my phone. So please be assured I am ready to help.  

So am I the only strange person who hates the phone? Share your experiences away.
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  1. Hi Irma! How are you? Ok, no phone calls!! 555?:):). I think it's soooo great u can communicate so well in these blogs....that way we can still find out the most fascinating things about u! Love the idea....I think I prefer texting as well. Not sure why, but good to reflect....:):) sounds like ur still very busy these days, see u Sunday I hope?? Miss u...and was still wondering about meetings sometimes to prayer maybe? I posted something on your wall. :). Let me know what u think....

    1. Hi Stacey, thank you so much for always checking on me.:-)


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