Spoiled With Mugs

There are ups and downs in joining Starbucks Collectors Group to help my mug collecting. I will deal with the downs in a separate post. For now, I will focus on what makes it worthy. 

When I reached my  first year in the hobby, I listed down all the people who helped me. Every time, I see a mug, I remember the person who gave it to me. Each of them hold a special place in my heart.  

This hobby proved to me that there are people with genuine and generous hearts.

You have to hear the stories of this one collector who lives in a country with no Starbucks and no PayPal (which means she cannot buy from eBay) yet her collection of mugs continue to grow. She really has the best stories and I do hope one day she gets to share them through a blog or somewhere similar.

I received two mugs recently and I've considered them very special.

A fellow collector, Dids, had a spare Cleveland mug. Cleveland is a hard to find mug and rumored to be discontinued. On eBay, a Cleveland mug sold for 200USD. Serious business, eh. But this Cleveland from Dids had special needs. 

It looked perfect this way. 

But when it is turned around, there are several chips at the bottom. This is the reason why it can't be traded. No one will take it. The value of this mug probably went from 200USD to a dollar.  

Dids asked me if I would want the mug, and I said yes. I know there are superstitions about keeping chipped items at home, but I never believe them.  So this chipped Cleveland mug found its way to our home where it'll be taken care of. I can't explain why I have a soft spot for this mug. I guess it will always remind me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast. 

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A week after, I found a surprise in the mail. Another collector, this time, from the US sent me goodies. And I received this beautiful white ceramic mug with copper band. It is beautiful. I was very touched with the gesture and the thoughtfulness.

I learn more about thoughtfulness because of this hobby. There are so many ways you can show people you care for them. It's really just the small things.

I made so many new friends this year all over the world. It's fun as I try to recall the many countries I sent packages to.  

In the end, it is the friendship that will last more than the mugs.  
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