Step of Faith

As I read yesterday's morning devotional, A Secret Faith is a Shallow Faith, from Rick Warren's Daily Hope, I was challenged especially by these two paragraphs --

Go public with your goals in life! Announce your intention, the change you want to make in your life, what you’re asking God to do. Clarify what you really want, and then state it publicly. You need to tell everybody, because a secret faith is a shallow faith.
You should also announce your goal publicly. The more people who know, the more support, encouragement, prayer, and accountability you’ll have. If you want to make a major change in your life and you keep it to yourself, that’s a sign of a pretty shallow faith.
And this question really spoke to me,

What goals are you going to set today that are a step of faith?

My goal for this year remains:

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Uhm... it's already September. I am seriously in panic mode.

I used to be disciplined. Now, I am just failing to keep up with exercising and eating healthier. It has never been this difficult to be fit. 

I obviously cannot do it on my own. And I am involving a "power greater than myself to make the changes that really make a difference in my life." I am involving God. And this I should have done from the very start as the sneaky little devil is always winning in keeping me unmotivated. 

I am slowly getting back to regularly exercising again. I will not only rely on diet as I know the benefits of exercising. When I work out in the morning, I end up being very productive and with so much energy during the day.

The biggest change I need to do is adjust my diet. This is where I need God's power the most. I love to eat. When I'm happy I eat, when I'm sad I eat. Now, I have to break that emotional eating pattern.  

My two friends have been encouraging to check out the Blood Type Diet. It's the kind of diet which depends on one's blood type. Some call it the Cohen Diet. I read about it months ago and I thought it was cruel. 

But it works. And I am desperate. 

And this could be the start of a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.  

For a type O like here is a summary of what I can eat and what I need to stay away from -- 

Click here for a copy of the file.
You read it right, I need to stay away from carbohydrates, refined sugars, ALL dairy and grains.


Now you understand why I need a power greater than me.

I have to keep on repeating Philippians 4:13 in my head, over and over.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

How about you what goals are you going to set that are a step of faith?
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  1. Hi irms, i hear ya. When I was struggling losing weight and I keep bouncing back to where I started, I realized I cannot do it alone and I need divine intervention. I prayed for self-control and the goal to live a healthier lifestyle rather than looking good.

    I support you and for the record, you are not fat noh!
    Goodluck. Calorie-counting works for me plus of course exercise, it made me learn how to plan my meals (-;

    1. You're my inspiration, Em. I'm praying to have your self-control and discipline. Hugs!!

    2. Hi Irma!! Missed you at church today....I was thinking we should be prayer partners maybe? Let me know if you might have any time in your schedule to meet during the week since you're my neighbor, we could pray together? :) :) It might be a huge blessing for both of us if it could be arranged...but I know you're very busy too. I don't mind meeting you somewhere most convenient for you...possible?

    3. hello irma...


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