Photo-A-Day September 2012: Second & Third Weeks

I have been neglecting my blog. Sigh.

I am trying something different as I need to squeeze two weeks' worth of photos. Dids gave me an idea in her photo projects. I now have a collage!

Here are two weeks' worth of photos --

Day 8 - At night
At night, we turn on this lamp from IKEA which we bought when we just got married and which we brought from Manila to Cebu, now Bangkok.

Day 9 - Something I do most weekends
(1) I sleep in, (2) Attend church, and (3) Lunch in MBK

Day 10 - Black + White
A black and white photo of the nearest Starbucks store to our house.

Day 11 - Hero
I absolutely love this poster by Mark Gosingtian which he created during the time of typhoon Ondoy to boost the Filipino spirit.

Day 12 - Together
You can never ever separate Buzz and Woody of the Toy Story.

Day 13 - Table
Our dining table at home, which also serves as a multi-functional workstation.

Day 14 - Favorite
I am taking advantage of Starbucks seasonal drink, Salted Caramel Mocha. My current favorite coffee drink.

Day 15 - First thing I see
The first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning is our curtain and a ray of sunshine.

Day 16 - Strange
When I looked out our balcony, it was foggy. Fog rarely happens in Bangkok.

Day 17 - In my fridge
I stocked up on fruits in the hopes of eating healthier.

Day 18 - Price
I got the newest IKEA catalogue and it's in Thai and the only thing I understand aside from the photo is the price.

Day 19 - Underneath
It's an interesting world when you have a toddler, I find all these crazy things under our beds and the couch and the table.

Day 20 - Man-made
Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages straight from my cousin in Phoenix. I have never tried Pumpkin Spice Latte as it has never been sold in Asia so I finally would know how it taste.

Day 21 - Sometimes
Sometimes, all I want is to have coffee uninterrupted. And it did not happen this day as my son decided to throw a fit right inside the store and I had to bring him out.  

My two weeks just flew by very fast. And we are on our last part of September. Make every day count.  

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  1. Ate! love the new collage of the day photos!!

    1. I was inspired by your random photo ideas. Thank you!


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