Photo-A-Day September 2012: Fourth & Last Weeks

I am so behind my photo-a-day recap. It gets more difficult for in a day to quietly compose a blog post. My time and attention goes to my highly energetic toddler. It's early in the morning and I am sneaking in to write a blog post.

Recapping my last few weeks of September --

Day 22 - Up
And this is the big billboard right outside the Paragon mall in the heart of Bangkok. 

Day 23 - Three Things
The three things I am packing and shipping out to Dids, a fellow collector. 

Day 24 - Before bedtime
I check up on my social networks, play games and read before I go to sleep.

Day 25 - Frame 
A cute giraffe frame with a photo of my son when he was two months old. 

Day 26 - Near
This is the train station nearest our place. So when we see this, home is close.

Day 27 - Love/Hate
I love watching the rain ad how it cools down the temperature. But I hate the thunder and lightning part, it scares the wits out of me.

Day 28 - A good thing
My good thing is the slow cooker. I get yummy meals while saving time. 

Day 29 - Errand(s)
Saturday is for grocery shopping. Plus I made a quick trip to the post office. 

Day 30 - Me, then
This was me when I was a year old. I surely look like a porcelain doll.

I have to catch up on other posts, so ta-ta!

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