Photo-A-Day September 2012: First Week

This post is too late. I was so distracted last week I couldn't focus.

Well, September is here. The BER months as it is known in the Philippines. And by this time my good ol' home country has started playing Christmas tunes. I can also do that here. Even if I'm the only one playing Christmas music.

I was so stressed last week with all the house repairs that have to be done. Our glass sliding door to the balcony got jammed. For four days, we did not open it. I couldn't do laundry as it's where we dry our stuff. The amount of laundry was seriously alarming. By Wednesday, it was still not fixed - we decided to seek the help of our landlord as we couldn't communicate with the outside contractor who speaks Thai - I forced the door open just so I could wash clothes. Up to this day, it is still jammed. 

Here is my first week in photos -- 

Day 1 - Me, now
Right now, I am a mother. And it couldn't get any better than that. We were out this Saturday about to watch a movie and have a yummy dinner.

Day 2 - Father
My father passed away in 2000. Twelve years after, I will always miss him. This is the frame that used to be displayed in my desk at work and now my son broke it.

Day 3 - Far away
These are magnets from the cities and countries we visited. It is not a full collection as I shifted my efforts to collecting Starbucks city mugs.

Day 4 - In my mailbox
From an empty box when I checked earlier in the day to a big package from the US containing mugs from my dear Marsha.

Day 5 - Bright
Enough of the rain, the sun is up shining brightly this morning.

Day 6 - Every day
I get to take care and spend time with this adorable boy every single day.

Day 7 - Natural
These are Japanese eggplants. And I tried making Rellenong Talong or Stuffed Eggplant for dinner
 and I failed miserably.

How was your first week of the ninth month? Did it treat you right?

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