Photo-A-Day September 2012: Fourth & Last Weeks

I am so behind my photo-a-day recap. It gets more difficult for in a day to quietly compose a blog post. My time and attention goes to my highly energetic toddler. It's early in the morning and I am sneaking in to write a blog post.

Recapping my last few weeks of September --

Day 22 - Up
And this is the big billboard right outside the Paragon mall in the heart of Bangkok. 

Day 23 - Three Things
The three things I am packing and shipping out to Dids, a fellow collector. 

Day 24 - Before bedtime
I check up on my social networks, play games and read before I go to sleep.

Day 25 - Frame 
A cute giraffe frame with a photo of my son when he was two months old. 

Day 26 - Near
This is the train station nearest our place. So when we see this, home is close.

Day 27 - Love/Hate
I love watching the rain ad how it cools down the temperature. But I hate the thunder and lightning part, it scares the wits out of me.

Day 28 - A good thing
My good thing is the slow cooker. I get yummy meals while saving time. 

Day 29 - Errand(s)
Saturday is for grocery shopping. Plus I made a quick trip to the post office. 

Day 30 - Me, then
This was me when I was a year old. I surely look like a porcelain doll.

I have to catch up on other posts, so ta-ta!

Photo-A-Day September 2012: Second & Third Weeks

I have been neglecting my blog. Sigh.

I am trying something different as I need to squeeze two weeks' worth of photos. Dids gave me an idea in her photo projects. I now have a collage!

Here are two weeks' worth of photos --

Day 8 - At night
At night, we turn on this lamp from IKEA which we bought when we just got married and which we brought from Manila to Cebu, now Bangkok.

Day 9 - Something I do most weekends
(1) I sleep in, (2) Attend church, and (3) Lunch in MBK

Day 10 - Black + White
A black and white photo of the nearest Starbucks store to our house.

Day 11 - Hero
I absolutely love this poster by Mark Gosingtian which he created during the time of typhoon Ondoy to boost the Filipino spirit.

Day 12 - Together
You can never ever separate Buzz and Woody of the Toy Story.

Day 13 - Table
Our dining table at home, which also serves as a multi-functional workstation.

Day 14 - Favorite
I am taking advantage of Starbucks seasonal drink, Salted Caramel Mocha. My current favorite coffee drink.

Day 15 - First thing I see
The first thing I see when I open my eyes every morning is our curtain and a ray of sunshine.

Day 16 - Strange
When I looked out our balcony, it was foggy. Fog rarely happens in Bangkok.

Day 17 - In my fridge
I stocked up on fruits in the hopes of eating healthier.

Day 18 - Price
I got the newest IKEA catalogue and it's in Thai and the only thing I understand aside from the photo is the price.

Day 19 - Underneath
It's an interesting world when you have a toddler, I find all these crazy things under our beds and the couch and the table.

Day 20 - Man-made
Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages straight from my cousin in Phoenix. I have never tried Pumpkin Spice Latte as it has never been sold in Asia so I finally would know how it taste.

Day 21 - Sometimes
Sometimes, all I want is to have coffee uninterrupted. And it did not happen this day as my son decided to throw a fit right inside the store and I had to bring him out.  

My two weeks just flew by very fast. And we are on our last part of September. Make every day count.  

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Photo-A-Day September 2012: First Week

This post is too late. I was so distracted last week I couldn't focus.

Well, September is here. The BER months as it is known in the Philippines. And by this time my good ol' home country has started playing Christmas tunes. I can also do that here. Even if I'm the only one playing Christmas music.

I was so stressed last week with all the house repairs that have to be done. Our glass sliding door to the balcony got jammed. For four days, we did not open it. I couldn't do laundry as it's where we dry our stuff. The amount of laundry was seriously alarming. By Wednesday, it was still not fixed - we decided to seek the help of our landlord as we couldn't communicate with the outside contractor who speaks Thai - I forced the door open just so I could wash clothes. Up to this day, it is still jammed. 

Here is my first week in photos -- 

Day 1 - Me, now
Right now, I am a mother. And it couldn't get any better than that. We were out this Saturday about to watch a movie and have a yummy dinner.

Day 2 - Father
My father passed away in 2000. Twelve years after, I will always miss him. This is the frame that used to be displayed in my desk at work and now my son broke it.

Day 3 - Far away
These are magnets from the cities and countries we visited. It is not a full collection as I shifted my efforts to collecting Starbucks city mugs.

Day 4 - In my mailbox
From an empty box when I checked earlier in the day to a big package from the US containing mugs from my dear Marsha.

Day 5 - Bright
Enough of the rain, the sun is up shining brightly this morning.

Day 6 - Every day
I get to take care and spend time with this adorable boy every single day.

Day 7 - Natural
These are Japanese eggplants. And I tried making Rellenong Talong or Stuffed Eggplant for dinner
 and I failed miserably.

How was your first week of the ninth month? Did it treat you right?

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Step of Faith

As I read yesterday's morning devotional, A Secret Faith is a Shallow Faith, from Rick Warren's Daily Hope, I was challenged especially by these two paragraphs --

Go public with your goals in life! Announce your intention, the change you want to make in your life, what you’re asking God to do. Clarify what you really want, and then state it publicly. You need to tell everybody, because a secret faith is a shallow faith.
You should also announce your goal publicly. The more people who know, the more support, encouragement, prayer, and accountability you’ll have. If you want to make a major change in your life and you keep it to yourself, that’s a sign of a pretty shallow faith.
And this question really spoke to me,

What goals are you going to set today that are a step of faith?

My goal for this year remains:

Image source
Uhm... it's already September. I am seriously in panic mode.

I used to be disciplined. Now, I am just failing to keep up with exercising and eating healthier. It has never been this difficult to be fit. 

I obviously cannot do it on my own. And I am involving a "power greater than myself to make the changes that really make a difference in my life." I am involving God. And this I should have done from the very start as the sneaky little devil is always winning in keeping me unmotivated. 

I am slowly getting back to regularly exercising again. I will not only rely on diet as I know the benefits of exercising. When I work out in the morning, I end up being very productive and with so much energy during the day.

The biggest change I need to do is adjust my diet. This is where I need God's power the most. I love to eat. When I'm happy I eat, when I'm sad I eat. Now, I have to break that emotional eating pattern.  

My two friends have been encouraging to check out the Blood Type Diet. It's the kind of diet which depends on one's blood type. Some call it the Cohen Diet. I read about it months ago and I thought it was cruel. 

But it works. And I am desperate. 

And this could be the start of a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.  

For a type O like here is a summary of what I can eat and what I need to stay away from -- 

Click here for a copy of the file.
You read it right, I need to stay away from carbohydrates, refined sugars, ALL dairy and grains.


Now you understand why I need a power greater than me.

I have to keep on repeating Philippians 4:13 in my head, over and over.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

How about you what goals are you going to set that are a step of faith?
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