Photo-A-Day August 2012: Second Week

This post is three days late. My life as a stay-at-home mom is crazy. I seriously need to regroup. 

It was Mother's Day weekend in Thailand and the Queen's birthday. Jed got Monday off. 

We finally watched The Dark Knight Rises which is now my favorite Batman movie. Anne Hathaway is the perfect Selena/Catwoman.

My toddler is talking non-stop. His favorite sentences to say are --
What are you doing? What is that? What happened?
Okay here goes my second week of August --

Day 8 - Glasses
I was suffering from migraine. I couldn't wear contact lens so I wore my glasses.

Day 9 - Messy
I am a neat freak. I probably spend a huge chunk of time in a day tidying our home.

Day 10 - Ring(s)
As a huge Olympics fan, our TV is tuned in to the games when it is on.

Day 11 - Purple
Found this shoe while we were at the Men's Shoes department at Zen in CentralWorld.
The color surely caught my eye.

Day 12 - Spoon
My husband ordered orange jelly for dessert. He and our two year old finished it off.
Day 13 - Simple
This is our humble abode. I like how simple it looks. 

Day 14 - Arrow 
The arrow that leads to where we live.
 So grateful for the weekend! 

To my family and friends in the Philippines, enjoy your long weekend.

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