Photo-A-Day August 2012: Fourth & Last Week

The "ghost month" is over. Well, the Philippines believes in this so much. They somehow blame all the the month's misfortunes on that belief. There was the non-stop rain and flood, the plane crash of Sec. Robredo, and the earthquake. My take on this, I simply do not believe in the "ghost month" concept. I put my trust and faith on my God instead. 

August had been a wonderful month. And the last week brought us several visitors. It was overwhelming but so much fun. 

My fourth and last weeks of August went like this --  

Day 22 - Home
I have two homes. My heart will always be in Manila but right now home is in Bangkok where my two boys are.

Day 23 - Pair
I was packing stuff for mailing and I needed a pair of scissors paired with packing tape. 

Day 24 - Path
This path leads to the Krungthep Wing of the Shangri-La Bangkok. My son and I got to hang out at the garden while waiting for my husband.

Day 25 - Fresh
Together with my sister-in-law, we passed by the supermarket of the Siam Paragon to buy pasalubong /gifts.
This supermarket just boasts of the freshest produce and fruits. 

Day 26 - Dream
I was with visiting friends going around Bangkok. We stopped at the Wat Arun Temple and I took this photo from the boat. Living in Bangkok is a dream come true for me.

Day 27 - Tap
Chopsticks. I am Asian so we fairly use chopsticks a lot. I am left handed so I hold these using my left hand.

Day 28 - Clock
Our clock was a gift from Jed's eldest sister. This has traveled with us from Manila, Cebu and Bangkok.

Day 29 - Down
I was trying so hard to get back in the routine of exercising. On this particular morning, my shoe broke. Aaargh, this happens to be my favorite shoe.

Day 30 - Card(s)
These Starbucks cards from Taiwan were gifts from a fellow collector. I am still deciding whether to start collecting them or not.

Day 31 - Hidden
Behind this door lies all our .... JUNK. This is the door to our utility/junk room.

And just like that, September is here. And in the Philippines, the BER months signals the start of the Christmas season. 

How did your August go?

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