Mooncake, Anyone?

Mooncake is a popular Chinese bakery product which are available during the Mid-Autumn Festival. One of the four very important festivals for the Chinese.

I am not Chinese though I may look like one. I probably have a little bit of Chinese from my great great grandparents.And I am surrounded by so many Chinese friends and colleagues.

I am clearly not an expert when it comes to mooncakes. I hardly remember the last time I had one. I prefer hopia over a mooncake. Yes, my taste buds are cheap. 

So this post will not be a review but a point of view from a non-eater of mooncakes. 

I was not aware Starbucks comes out with mooncakes annually for the mid-Autumn fesival. I just learned about it from the different Starbucks collectors groups I am in. Excitement was in the air. I got curious. Starbucks sells mooncakes in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Presenting, the Starbucks mooncakes

Yes, they need to use that mermaid logo.
They come in this really pretty tin can. The bigger one holds four pieces while the smaller one is good for two mooncakes. The tin cans come in red and yellow.

In Thailand, the mooncakes come in four flavors.

So how did they taste to me?

The Green Tea and Red Bean (135 baht each) is my favorite of the four.
Something I would order again. Red bean and green tea are Asian flavors and would definitely make a great mooncake. While I was eating it, it reminded me of my childhood when my father would bring home those smaller mooncakes. It tastes just like those.

Espresso with Egg Yolk (135 baht each)
The taste of the coffee is okay until I tasted the egg yolk. It somehow didn't work together, for me.
I can eat this flavor though with the egg yolk eaten separately.

Fruit and Nut (125 baht each)
Now this reminded me of fruitcake. not a fan of fruitcake so this did not sit well with me.

Durian with Egg Yolk (125 baht each)
Durian is acquired taste, either you love it or hate it. I belong to the latter group.  A whiff of the durian smell was enough for me to put down the slice. Unfortunately, it did not even reach my mouth.

I had fun tasting the different flavors of mooncakes. So I am no longer curious. 

How about you? Are you a big mooncake eater?

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  1. Mmm! I love hopia! If they taste anything like hopia, I will love them! I definitely think that the green tea sounds the best of all of them.

    1. Oh I miss those simple things now that I am away from the Philippines. I hope you get to taste them, too, Stephanie.


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