I Support the RH Bill

Yes, you read it right. I FULLY support the very controversial Reproductive Health Bill or more popularly known as the RH Bill.

I am writing this post as I think about all the mothers in the Philippines. This weekend is the birthday of Queen Sirikit of Thailand and the Thai nation is celebrating Mother's Day. 

I thought about Filipino mothers as they will mostly benefit from the RH Bill when passed. It's about time.

The RH Bill is not only about contraception. Seriously guys.

In the midst of the recent flood situation in the Philippines, I cannot believe how those opposing the RH Bill connected the heavy downpour and flooding to God's wrath. 

I was speechless.

As far as I know, my God is not an angry God. And come on guys, every time you see a rainbow you should at least remember how God said he will never destroy the earth through water or flooding. And we are talking about the Old Testament time, God has then sent His own son to mediate for us.  

This is the stand of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches on the RH Bill. And I fully agree with what Bishop Ef said. Go Bishop Ef!

And no I do not think worse will happen to us which the Anti-RH Bill claims.  Come on, scaring us is definitely not a Christian trait. Jesus told us to spread His word, not scare people away with it.

I know this is a photo of US President Obama but what he stated applies to Filipinos. Very well said, Mr. President.

If you are against artificial birth control method then you have the freedom not to use it. It will not be forced on anyone. RH Bill is to inform the Filipinos what options they have. The decision to choose is up to each individual. 

It is now up to the churches to make sure their believers know what will be good for them. If you prepared your members for the real world and if you are as involved in their lives as you should then there's nothing to be afraid of, right? 

There are so many myths about the RH Bill, please get your facts straight. 

 Okay guys, I will start my long weekend now.

Have a great weekend!

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