Beautiful Mugs

I have seen so many great looking photos of the Starbucks mug I collect. Makes me wish I can take great photos like them.

And then I saw this photo --

Wow, I was blown away. I wanted to see more photos.

The photo was taken by a fellow collector, Dids. She is also a wedding photographer. Cool!

I got to know Dids a bit and I borrowed her photos so I can share them here.

Sharing with you her photos of the most expensive mugs sold retailing at USD 21 each, the Swiiss mugs:

And those my friends are the complete Swiss mugs of the Starbucks Global Icon series. 

I guess by fate, Dids ended up helping me grow my Swiss collection. We are finally trading.

I grabbed a couple more photos from her Facebook page.

The best photo of Tokyo and Osaka

I have not paid much attention to Starbucks Indonesia Dancer series as I only collect the Global Icons, but this photo made me admire the dancer series. 

Dids is a photographer from Iloilo City. You may want to check out their company's site, Vago Nozze Studios. Her own website is still under construction and I can't wait until it goes online. I am hoping to see more photos of the other mugs she owns. 

All photos are owned by Dids, and I only posted it here with her permission.  

Dids, thank you and I'm so happy to be sharing this mug collection hobby with you. 

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