Photo-A-Day July 2012: Second Week

The second week of July is over. My husband was on a business trip again. His trips are becoming a monthly thing. I personally do not like when he is away. Well, Javi and I bonded more and more. He is becoming a persistent toddler who does not stop until he gets what he wants. Truly a test of patience, discipline and tough love. 

Well, here's my second week of July in photos --

Day 8 - Lunch
We had lunch in our favorite Japanese restaurant, Fuji, right after church.
I ordered  a steak set with prawn.

Day 9 - Big
Photos of this new burger have been going around Twitter. I love burgers from McDonald's.
Unfortunately, the variety of burgers in McDonald's here are limited.
My favorite, Quarter Pounder with Cheese is not on the menu to my dismay.

Day 10 - My favorite color
My favorite color is - and will always be - PINK.

Day 11 - Letter(s)
I love this wooden blocks my new sister-in-law gave for Javi's 1st birthday.

Day 12 - Texture
I still had leftovers of otap a new friend sent me. Otap is a Filipino puff pastry that is flaky, brittle and sugary.
This is a very popular pasalubong from Cebu.

Day 13 - Open
I opened a bag of Cheetos, the Thai version. I like them.
They are less rich and orange but good. And way cheaper than the US made one.

Day 14 - Building
We are surrounded by different buildings.
From the left, the Bangkok City Tower, Sathorn City Tower, Asia Centre and The Met.

There you have it.

 What was the highlight of your second week of July?

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