Photo-A-Day July 2012: Fourth & Last Week

I am back and I'm about to say goodbye to July and welcome the eight month, August. 

Last week was all about the London Olympics. I woke up at 3AM last Saturday to catch the opening ceremonies. Boy, it was worth it. David Beckham was one of those reasons. But my favorite moment was when Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude after the torch lighting.   

Day 22 - Upside down
Javi and I watched the sunset at the hotel which is along the Chao Phraya River. 

Day 23 - Mirror(s)
This is the closet and vanity table at our room at the hotel. Can't get enough of mirrors.

Day 24 - A stranger
One of the most photographed statue in Thailand is good ol' Ronald McDonald in the wei position.
I caught a tourist taking a photo of Ronald.

Day 25 - Heart
Love this shirt. Love what it says. Love the family who gave it to me.

Day 26 - Sunshine
We get the morning sun in our room. And the bed is Javi's next to our bed.
We are blessed with this view every single day.

Day 27 - On the road
It's rush hour along Sathorn Road in Bangkok. I was passing along on the way home.

Day 28 - Cup
I sooo need this cup of cappuccino. I hardly slept as I had to be up to catch the opening of the Olympics.

Day 29 - Last thing I bought
Weekends are for grocery shopping. Time to replenish our food supply.

Day 30 - Calm
There was a problem with the water pump in our building and we had no water for 5 hours.
So the minute the water flowed, I felt relief and calm.

Day 31 - Toothbrush
Presenting my toothbrush and the little boy's. We chose green for this quarter.

July was pretty special. It was steady which I like. 

Now looking forward to August. There are two long weekends and I cannot wait for that.

How did your July go?

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