Photo-A-Day July 2012: First Week

And it happened... Half of the year is over. The first week of July went by so quickly. Seriously, if you hadn't been paying attention, you will miss the special moments. 

How did I welcome July? Read and find out...

Day 1 - Self Portrait
This was taken outside service last Sunday. It's a reflection of me on the window while you clearly have a view of the Bangkok skyline.

Day 2 - Busy
I keep a daily to-do list so I know what I have to accomplish every single day. This especially helps when I am in no mood to do anything.

Day 3 - Best part of my day
When I start my day with a proper quiet time, it definitely sets the great mood and energy for the day.

Day 4 - Fun
I belong to a mommies small group/Bible study and this is where we meet. We do our best to have a small group while our kids play. This is my godson Gedi during the earlier and calmer part of our meeting.

Day 5 - On the floor
My toddler constantly leaves his toys and things on the floor of our house and it drives me crazy. Some days, I need to let it go for my own sanity.

Day 6 - Chair
This is my thinking chair where I sit to blog, work on our finances, etc.

Day 7 - Garden
Santan is a popular flowering plant in the Philippines. So pleased to see them here in Bangkok.

So, how was your first week of July? Are you feeling the mid-year pressure?

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