A Working Staycation

How can one be working on a vacation?

My husband is working while Javi and I are on semi-vacation. We can't really call it a full vacation. 

It's great to be back in the hotel. I was officially on a break last weekend. No cooking. No cleaning up. Nice.

Our room
I really love the his and her sinks. And we get an espresso machine.
Now we move on to FOOD.

Cantonese cuisine from the Shang Palace

Authentic Italian cuisine from Angelini's 

I absolutely love hotel room service. 
For breakfast, I never fail to order my favorite Eggs Benedict.

The pool at the Main Wing is our favorite.
I always had to leave with a crying Javi as he didn't want to get out of the pool.

When we were still staying at the hotel prior to our own apartment, Javi and I used to watch the sunset a lot from the gardens of the Krunthep Wing. 

I can't help but be emotional. He was barely walking when I first brought him there. 

Our only photo from the weekend.

Yes, I super adore my little boy. I love how amused he gets.

I even managed to squeeze in a meet-up with fellow Starbucks collectors. 
We tried the brunch at Next 2 Cafe.

I am still dreaming of a proper vacation for the family. As soon as my husband's schedule allows. 

It was good to get a break for one weekend though.

When was the last time you had a break?

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  1. LOVELY! i will soon get my break and on top of the list of things to do: NOTHING. hahaha!

    1. You deserve it, sweetie. I'll be checking on you to make sure you'll do just that.

  2. Irms, I am so in love with Javi's curls hahahah! He's so gwapo!


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