Photo-A-Day July 2012: Fourth & Last Week

I am back and I'm about to say goodbye to July and welcome the eight month, August. 

Last week was all about the London Olympics. I woke up at 3AM last Saturday to catch the opening ceremonies. Boy, it was worth it. David Beckham was one of those reasons. But my favorite moment was when Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude after the torch lighting.   

Day 22 - Upside down
Javi and I watched the sunset at the hotel which is along the Chao Phraya River. 

Day 23 - Mirror(s)
This is the closet and vanity table at our room at the hotel. Can't get enough of mirrors.

Day 24 - A stranger
One of the most photographed statue in Thailand is good ol' Ronald McDonald in the wei position.
I caught a tourist taking a photo of Ronald.

Day 25 - Heart
Love this shirt. Love what it says. Love the family who gave it to me.

Day 26 - Sunshine
We get the morning sun in our room. And the bed is Javi's next to our bed.
We are blessed with this view every single day.

Day 27 - On the road
It's rush hour along Sathorn Road in Bangkok. I was passing along on the way home.

Day 28 - Cup
I sooo need this cup of cappuccino. I hardly slept as I had to be up to catch the opening of the Olympics.

Day 29 - Last thing I bought
Weekends are for grocery shopping. Time to replenish our food supply.

Day 30 - Calm
There was a problem with the water pump in our building and we had no water for 5 hours.
So the minute the water flowed, I felt relief and calm.

Day 31 - Toothbrush
Presenting my toothbrush and the little boy's. We chose green for this quarter.

July was pretty special. It was steady which I like. 

Now looking forward to August. There are two long weekends and I cannot wait for that.

How did your July go?

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A Working Staycation

How can one be working on a vacation?

My husband is working while Javi and I are on semi-vacation. We can't really call it a full vacation. 

It's great to be back in the hotel. I was officially on a break last weekend. No cooking. No cleaning up. Nice.

Our room
I really love the his and her sinks. And we get an espresso machine.
Now we move on to FOOD.

Cantonese cuisine from the Shang Palace

Authentic Italian cuisine from Angelini's 

I absolutely love hotel room service. 
For breakfast, I never fail to order my favorite Eggs Benedict.

The pool at the Main Wing is our favorite.
I always had to leave with a crying Javi as he didn't want to get out of the pool.

When we were still staying at the hotel prior to our own apartment, Javi and I used to watch the sunset a lot from the gardens of the Krunthep Wing. 

I can't help but be emotional. He was barely walking when I first brought him there. 

Our only photo from the weekend.

Yes, I super adore my little boy. I love how amused he gets.

I even managed to squeeze in a meet-up with fellow Starbucks collectors. 
We tried the brunch at Next 2 Cafe.

I am still dreaming of a proper vacation for the family. As soon as my husband's schedule allows. 

It was good to get a break for one weekend though.

When was the last time you had a break?

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Photo-A-Day July 2012: Third Week

July, you are slowly creeping away. Bring it on!

I was sick. First it was sore throat, then a terrible cough which led to colds. 

Javi visited the dentist for the first time. Yay! Although nothing really happened as he was terrified to even set foot in the hospital. 

We ended our week back here at the Shangri-La. My husband is on duty so our family is back for the weekend.  

And here I am again documenting my week in photos.

Day 15 - Finger(s)
My little boy's hand in mine.

Day 16 - Sign
Printed out this sign and framed it. Great reminder every day.

Day 17 - My addiction
And you thought this would be mugs, oh no, this prompt is for the only game I ever play, Bejeweled Blitz.
I am so competitive I decided to play offline because I would unfriend people I am not close to for having a higher score than me.

Day 18 - Plate
I keep my weekday breakfast simple. This morning I had coffee and bagel with cream cheese.

Day 19 - Animal(s)
This is the closest thing to owning pets. I am TERRIFIED of any animal . 

Day 20 - Eyes
Did you know that I wear only one piece of contact lens? My left eye has a problem while my right is perfectly okay. 

Day 21 - 9 o'clock
9:00 AM: I was eating breakfast hurriedly so I had a piece of cantaloupe.
9:00 PM: I was watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine on cable. And there are so many scenes I cannot remember.

I am so looking forward to the opening of the Olympics next week.

What was the one highlight of your last week? And what are you looking forward to this week?

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Starbucks Trading Sheet

Trading mugs is a career. Some are making money out of it. I am just enjoying my journey collecting what I can.

Once you enter the world of trading it can be confusing. Being an organized freak that I am, I came up with my own Excel file to keep track of my trades. 

Now I created a document in Google which I can share with every one who wants it.

The Master List holds your trading information such name of person trading with, which items you are trading, status of package and shipping details.

The Master List
The Inventory is to track the items you have on hand and which items you are waiting to receive.

The Trading Partners holds all information about your trading partner such as mailing address, contact details and notes about the person.

Trading Partners

You can access my Google document here.

I can also give you a copy of the Excel file, simply e-mail me at

Hope these documents help.

Have a restful weekend!

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Photo-A-Day July 2012: Second Week

The second week of July is over. My husband was on a business trip again. His trips are becoming a monthly thing. I personally do not like when he is away. Well, Javi and I bonded more and more. He is becoming a persistent toddler who does not stop until he gets what he wants. Truly a test of patience, discipline and tough love. 

Well, here's my second week of July in photos --

Day 8 - Lunch
We had lunch in our favorite Japanese restaurant, Fuji, right after church.
I ordered  a steak set with prawn.

Day 9 - Big
Photos of this new burger have been going around Twitter. I love burgers from McDonald's.
Unfortunately, the variety of burgers in McDonald's here are limited.
My favorite, Quarter Pounder with Cheese is not on the menu to my dismay.

Day 10 - My favorite color
My favorite color is - and will always be - PINK.

Day 11 - Letter(s)
I love this wooden blocks my new sister-in-law gave for Javi's 1st birthday.

Day 12 - Texture
I still had leftovers of otap a new friend sent me. Otap is a Filipino puff pastry that is flaky, brittle and sugary.
This is a very popular pasalubong from Cebu.

Day 13 - Open
I opened a bag of Cheetos, the Thai version. I like them.
They are less rich and orange but good. And way cheaper than the US made one.

Day 14 - Building
We are surrounded by different buildings.
From the left, the Bangkok City Tower, Sathorn City Tower, Asia Centre and The Met.

There you have it.

 What was the highlight of your second week of July?

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Seeking Him First

"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need."
Matthew 6:33 NLT

Why I decided to follow Christ and seek God.

Image source

There is no greater love than His.

Prior to following Christ, I was living an empty life. Yet, He still blessed me. I am not deserving.

Image source

I am trying to live a righteous life now not because I need to earn God's approval. Definitely not. There is nothing I could do to make Him love me more or less. 

Even if I fail Him daily. 

Image source

It is a struggle choosing the righteous life. So grateful for God's grace. It has never been more clear what I have to do and what I need to avoid. Do you know that He gives you grace to resist temptation? I no longer feel the need to use foul language. I do not feel left out when I chose not to read a certain book series or missed out on a movie everyone is talking about. He filled that emptiness in my heart. 

It is no longer I should do this because society tells me to. It is now what God tells me to do. So if it not right with my heart, I know it is not right with Him, too. And it is the only thing that matters.

To those of you following Christ, are you putting Him first in your life? 
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Photo-A-Day July 2012: First Week

And it happened... Half of the year is over. The first week of July went by so quickly. Seriously, if you hadn't been paying attention, you will miss the special moments. 

How did I welcome July? Read and find out...

Day 1 - Self Portrait
This was taken outside service last Sunday. It's a reflection of me on the window while you clearly have a view of the Bangkok skyline.

Day 2 - Busy
I keep a daily to-do list so I know what I have to accomplish every single day. This especially helps when I am in no mood to do anything.

Day 3 - Best part of my day
When I start my day with a proper quiet time, it definitely sets the great mood and energy for the day.

Day 4 - Fun
I belong to a mommies small group/Bible study and this is where we meet. We do our best to have a small group while our kids play. This is my godson Gedi during the earlier and calmer part of our meeting.

Day 5 - On the floor
My toddler constantly leaves his toys and things on the floor of our house and it drives me crazy. Some days, I need to let it go for my own sanity.

Day 6 - Chair
This is my thinking chair where I sit to blog, work on our finances, etc.

Day 7 - Garden
Santan is a popular flowering plant in the Philippines. So pleased to see them here in Bangkok.

So, how was your first week of July? Are you feeling the mid-year pressure?

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