Photo-A-Day June 2012: Last Week

Okay, it is officially mid-2012. June is over! When this happens, the days and month seem to just passed as quick as it can. All I can think of right now is Christmas!

How did our last week of June go?

Day 22 - From a high angle
From our balcony, you can clearly see how colorful Bangkok taxis are.

Day 23 - Movement
Everyone, meet my hyperactive two-year old son.

Day 24 - On my mind
A trip to the Filipino store only means one thing, we miss the Philippines.

Day 25 - Something cute
This is my toddler's hand touching another cute thing, the ladybug push pin.

Day 26 - Where I shop
Our family only goes to one store now and it is Uniqlo. We are taking advantage of the Spring/Summer collection.

Day 27 - Bathroom
The bathtub is for our little boy. 

Day 28 - On the shelf
My collection of Starbucks city mugs has taken over every available shelf in our home.

Day 29 - Soft
Babies have soft things. This blanket was given to Javi before he was born and he is still using it up to now.

Day 30 - A friend
Husband = Best friend

There goes the remaining week of this month. Extremely grateful for what God has been doing to our lives. 

How was your last week of June?

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