My Brother's Wedding

Four and a half years ago, my brother walked me down the aisle during my wedding. He was the only person who deserves to take the place of my father who already passed away.

Last May 6, exactly a month ago, he was clad in a a suit again and we were all clad in gray, yellow and purple.  My younger brother (yes, he is younger than me) is getting married. Sniff..sniff...

Oh, but it is a happy occasion.   

I was once again reunited with my friend, Jo Rubio, who created my wedding dress. He finished my gown in two weeks. He made the wedding gown. And it was truly beautiful. I was also reunited with my wedding make up artist, Angie Cruz and hair stylist, Ogie Rayel. Now these two are now very popular in their field. 

Sharing with you photos which I took from my BlackBerry phone. I was that busy. And a few great ones which I grabbed from friends' Facebook albums and from the newlywed's official photographer. Yikes!

The wedding ceremony took place at the Chapel on the Hill in Dos Bosco in Batulao. The reception was at Ville Sommet in Tagaytay City.

Dio and Louise knew each other way back during their days in St. Paul College in Bocaue. And fate has it, they ended up together. My brother really loves Louise.  

The bride and the color yellow
Photo grabbed from Electrolychee

The three most important men in my life.

I absolutely love this light moment between my brother and my mother.

My sister and I 
Photo from Ayen

My beautiful family
Photo from Ayen

Javi, the ring bearer, who didn't walk on his and who napped the entire ceremony.
He is playing with his cousin, Marla.

Photo from Ayen

The bride as she prepares to walk down the aisle
Photo grabbed from Red Sheep

My new sister-in-law Louise walking down the aisle with her parents.

The newlywed with their parents
Photo from Kuya Jap & Ate Gina

Thanking their wedding guests for witnessing the wedding ceremony
Photo from Kuya Jap & Ate Gina

Post-ceremony pictorial
Photo grabbed from Red Sheep

Before the wedding reception
Photo from Ogie

The couple at the reception
Photo from Via

My little boy and I
Photo from Ayen

The couple's first dance
Photo from Ayen

To my dearest brother, love your wife as Christ loves the church. Yes, that's the kind of love you have to give Louise. 

I wish you two many happy years together.

Happy 1st month anniversary! 

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  1. awww what a lovely wedding tribute and you look great irms! I especially love your family pic (-:


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