Women and Bags

Women, by nature, love shoes, bags, clothes, cosmetics and so many other things. There is a number of women - especially celebrities - whose shoes, bags and clothes are worth a fortune. I do watch out for photos of Hollywood stars and find out which bag they are carrying. 

While I am not into outrageously expensive bags (I cannot afford them in the first place), I had owned several bags over the years. I pretty much had a bag in the right color(s) for the right occasion. 

Now that I've stopped working and am now a stay-at-home mother, I drastically reduced the number of bags I own to a handful. 

I seriously do not need a lot. Now, that I am a mother, my bag now doubles as a diaper bag. I am telling you, one will find the most interesting things in a mother's purse. I let go of my bag organizer to fit Javi's diaper, baby wipes, extra set of clothes, snack, water, milk, juice. For this reason, I am not really keen on owning a very expensive bag. 

Then I saw a photo from my good friend's Flickr page. For the first time, I longed to own an expensive bag.

Meet the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Fusain!

Image source
If I could own one expensive bag, this would be it. I also read in Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad, if I were to have just one nice bag, it needs to be close to my hair color. Now, this LV bag is the one for me! I am day dreaming with my eyes open.  

We all know how expensive this bag is - I never even bothered to find out how much - so unless someone gives it to me as a gift (my husband not included as he is spending our money so no way) I probably have no way of owning this.  

This same girl friend found another beautiful bag. Yes, she finds the nicest things. This time, I think I can afford this bag.

Longchamp Mary Katrantzou tote bag

Okay, Irma, time to wake up from daydreaming and get on with real life.  

That was fun, eh?


  1. eeeeppppp!!!
    Dreams do come true, now continue praying I'll get rich (-;

    What is the first bag in your 4 bag picture?

    1. Yes, praying you get rich!! Hahaha!

      It's a DVF Leni tote. I love it!


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