Photo-A-Day May 2012: Third Week

We are now back in Bangkok living a quiet life. The third week of May just zoomed by even if I was taking things easy.

Day 15 - Love
This is my favorite photo from our pre-nuptial shoot which now hangs in our bedroom.

Day 16 - What I'm reading
Currently reading - Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

Day 17 - Snack
Yes, I eat Nutella straight from the container when I'm finishing it off.

Day 18 - Something I made
What's for dinner? Ma Po Tofu

Day 19 - A favorite place
Saturday morning is when I do my Post Office run to mail packages to other Starbucks mug collectors. The post office has now become a familiar place and I get smiles from the post office staff.

Day 20 - Something I can't live without
My two rings - wedding and engagement - and what they symbolize.

Day 21 - Where I stand
I used to be afraid of heights. Then we found this place which is on the 16th floor.
I am now used to the height; it no longer bothers me.

My first and second week account can be found here.

So how is your May coming along?

Gotta go now. Busy week. There's the Philippine Chief Justice trial to tune in to, Lady Gaga's concerts in Manila and later this week here in Bangkok (as if I can watch; I'm being kept busy with all the controversies) and the American Idol finale. Go Jessica Sanchez!

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