Photo-A-Day May 2012: Fourth & Last Week

We've reached the end of another month again. Today we say goodbye to the fifth month, May. It felt like a long month for me. Did you feel the same way?

Day 22 - Pink
Pink is definitely my favorite color. I even dedicated a board on Pinterest solely for it.

Day 23 - Technology
The App Store is the life of an iPad, iPhone, etc. Can you imagine how boring a device would be without apps?

Day 24 - Something new
New mugs from my cousin Eric. Yes, he sent me a dozen mugs.
Eleven for my Starbucks city mug collection and a special Tim Hortons for my daily coffee mug.

Day 25 - Unusual
This type of shrine is all over Thailand as they pay homage to Buddha.
The believers even leave food as their offering.

Day 26 - 12 o'clock
At 12 noon on Saturday, this was the view from our balcony.
My son and I were eating Cowboy Spaghetti for lunch.

Day 27 - Sweet
We tried a new restaurant, Anna & Charlie's Cafe. They have this delicious Chocolate Brownie Cake.

Day 28 - The weather today
The weather is perfect for a swim.

Day 29 - A number
88 is one lucky number for the Chinese people.

Day 30 - My personality
I am an introvert.

Day 31 - Something beautiful
I am a morning person and I find sunrises beautiful and full of hope.

May had been a wonderful month. Spent almost half of it in the Philippines. So many moments to cherish.

1st and 2nd week
3rd Week

How did your month of May go?

I am excited for June. Are you?

June Photo-A-Day Challenge

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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