Photo-A-Day May 2012: First and Second Week

I had been missing for a while. Real life took over. Time was a scarcity as well as a fast efficient internet connection.

The secret had been out. Javi and I were in Manila. But we're now back in Bangkok. We traveled to the Philippines for the reason that my only brother was getting married. More on his happy wedding on a separate entry.

Day 1 - Peace
My sister helped me with the day's prompt and showed me this notebook as we were going around Fully Booked.
I "borrowed" the notebook and snapped a photo of it. I love that it's in my favorite colors - pink and neon green.

Day 2 - Skyline
If we were in Bangkok, this would have been easy as we have a spectacular view of the skyline from our balcony.
But in our barrio in Bulacan, this is the best one I could find. Very tropical!

Day 3 - Something I wore today
The summer heat is so on. I need to put up my hair all the time thus the photo of a scrunchy.

Day 4 - Fun!
KFC is more fun in the Philippines because of the gravy!

Day 5 - Bird
It was so hard to take a photo of a real bird. I kept on shooing them away. So I settled for  a coffee packaging from Starbucks from one of our late night coffee run and the bird of Twitter.

Day 6 - Me
All dolled up for my brother's wedding

Day 7 - Someone that inspires me
Next to my husband, the other person who inspires me to become a better version of myself is my son. Photo taken while we were inside the Yellow Cab restaurant in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Day 8 - A smell I adore
One of my favorite scent, L'eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme, with a background of the Makati skyline.

Day 9 - Something I do everyday
I start my day with my morning devotional over a cup of coffee.

Day 10 - A favorite word
My favorite word "Love" in my favorite McDonald's slogan, "Love ko 'to."
Oh, and while at McDonald's I took home my favorite Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Day 11 - Kitchen
I was still in Bulacan so this is a part of my mother's kitchen.

Day 12 - Some thing(s) that make me happy
Three things that made me happy: (1) Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdog, (2) Advanced Mother's day lunch at Cibo, and (3) a sleeping Javi on the entire Manila - Bangkok flight.

Day 13 - Mom
Oh, why do you have to be so far away?
These are my mother's photos from her Facebook page.

Day 14 - Grass
We live in a concrete jungle. It was so hard to look for a photo of  grass.
I snapped this one while on a cab ride. 

May is almost half over. How did your first two weeks go?

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