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I am about to reach number 50 of my Starbucks city mug collection. If you think that is a lot of mugs, you have not seen the collection of the hardcore collectors. 

The vacant shelves at home are now being filled. I may need to move on to the master bedroom and eventually rearrange Javi's toys in the other room so I could take over the top shelf. 

As early as now, I need to think of shelving ideas. I wouldn't want my mugs to end up in the storage room. 

After looking through so many photos on the web and from fellow collectors, here are what caught my attention --

Google led me to this photo. It is a personal collection of the wedding photographer of Metrophoto. I love the shelves but if I would let my collection get out of control, this type of shelves won't work. 

Photo source

I found this home office idea from Pinterest and I thought a home office would be the perfect room for my collection. I could customize the shelves which could be similar to the one in this photo.

Photo source

I joined several collectors group in Facebook. I was introduced to the hard core collectors. 

When I saw this shelving from one of the collectors, I immediately wanted it for myself. It looked so clean. The mugs are perfect in white shelves. And the bright colors of the stuff in the room added to its appeal. But I can only have this type of shelves when Javi and a future child would be older. 

Photo from fellow collector Tom Carroll 

The collector said he bought all his shelves from IKEA. Oh, lucky me. Thailand now has IKEA. When we move to our next destination (we still do not know when or where), I will shop for bookcases/shelves from IKEA. What if our new home won't have a place for my mugs? I have to be prepared.  

Do you have a collection? Where do you keep them?

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  1. Di ba, Em!?! Let's see how many I end up collecting. Just doing it for fun.

  2. Love the white shelves- you can't go wrong with IKEA. Mine was carpenter-made (by a local). My dilemma is how to take them with me when I decide to move. You're right about "child-proofing" the collection. Enjoy and good luck with the collection!!!

    1. RJ, I fell in love with Tom Carroll's bookcases. I will find them in IKEA and bring them with on our next destination. Now moving would be difficult. I can see myself bubble wrapping too many mugs.

      I've seen your shelves. Great job on that! Kung nasa Pinas lang kami, papa-customize na lang ako.


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