Photo-A-Day April 2012: Third Week

It is already the third week of April. Summer is in full swing here in Bangkok. It feels like the city is a one big sauna. Temperature was going as high as 41 degrees Celsius.

Day 15 - Sunset
We do not see the sunset from where we live. But the change in colors of the sky is beautiful.

Day 16 - Flower
Bougainvillea is also a very common specie of flower/plant in the Philippines.
I took this as I was on my way to an appointment.

Day 17 - Something I don't like
Heat + Bangkok traffic. No further explanations required.

Day 18 - Hair
These are my favorite make-up brushes, possibly made from horse hair.

Day 19 - Orange
Bangkok has got to have the most colorful taxis.

Day 20 - Something I drew
I cannot draw, PERIOD. This is a note that was included in the package I sent out.

Day 21 - Bottle(s)
Jed was given this Coca-Cola 125th Year Commemorative bottles. Thought they were pretty cool.

So, how is your April coming along?

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