Photo-A-Day April 2012: Second Week

My second week of April went like this....

Day 8 - Inside my (your) wallet
I keep a small wallet.
Just enough for the necessities: cash, IDs, credit card, health card, loyalty card and a bunch of receipts.

Day 9 - Younger me (you)
What perfect timing, my friend Oliver posted our high school photos in Facebook.
I was in second year high school and was joined by Oliver, Samantha and Jo.

Day 10 - Cold
I live in Bangkok. It's the middle of summer and the temperature can be as high as 41 degrees Celsius.
Cold for us would be ice and ice cream.

Day 11 - Where I (you) ate breakfast
I have never been a breakfast person. Breakfast is coffee plus something else.
That day it was cantaloupe. I ate it at our kitchen counter.

Day 12 - Stairs
The reason why I think Bangkok is not child-friendly is because of these stairs.
It's particularly difficult to carry a toddler and a stroller while going up.

Day 13 - Something I (you) found
When I opened my bag, I found all these paper (receipts, cash envelope, bills) which I need to go through, sort and file. Yikes!

Day 14 - How I (you) feel today
It's Songkran time in Thailand meaning a four day weekend.
And  I had the luxury to laze around in our house all day. Definitely my idea of a perfect Saturday.

Okay, time is flying so fast again. April is almost half over. Wow.

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How did your week go?

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