Photo-A-Day April 2012: Last Week

Well, we have reached another month end. I finished my second monthly photo challenge. Yay!

April passed by in a snap of a finger. I am on a secret mission on this last week of April. I will let the photos speak for itself.

Day 22 - The last thing I bought
The ONLY thing I bought. Snack from Auntie Anne's before boarding the plane.

Day 23 - Vegetable
I love ampalaya or bitter gourd/bitter melon.
For me, the Philippines has the greenest and crunchiest ampalaya.

Day 24 - Something I'm grateful for
A sleeping baby
The iPad
Abundance of my favorite 3-in-1

Day 25 - Looking down
Sorting and arranging Starbucks items for trading

Day 26 - Black + white
Javi and I picked out this dessert from Golden Spoon - cake batter plus Reese's Peanut Butter

Day 27 - Somewhere I went
I took my little boy to see the Barney show.
He was terrified and wanted to leave the venue.
He eventually warmed up the last 15 minutes and was jumping up and down. 

Day 28 - 1PM
We celebrated my father's 80th birthday over lunch.
He passed away 12 years ago but we still do something to remember him on his birth date. 

Day 29 - Circle
This is a Filipino delicacy/dessert, Ginataang Halo-Halo. My husband loves this. 

Day 30 - Something that makes me sad
I am sad that my father couldn't be around to celebrate milestones with us. 

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And there goes the rest of April for me.

How was your last week of April?

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