March Photo-A-Day: Last Week

March went by so fast. I actually finished the March Photo-A-Day challenge. 

Curious as to how the last week went, here it goes.

Day 22 - Kitchen sink
In action. Preparing the day's lunch.

Day 23 - Moon
From Javi's "My Very First Bible" book
There is no chance I would capture the moon from my phone camera plus there was no moon that night.

Day 24 - An animal
This is the beaver. One of my Canadian connections.

Day 25 - Breakfast
A hearty breakfast on a weekend.

Day 26 - Key(s)
My set of keys - card key, mailbox key, and house keys.

Day 27 - Your (my) name
Ah, it's a package for me!!

Day 28 - Trash
My darling little boy helps me (or his dad) bring out the trash every night.
Day 29 - Feet
Two sets of feet - mine and my little boy

Day 30 - Toy(s)
Out of all the toys Javi has, my favorites are the wooden ones.

Day 31 - Where you (I) relax
This is where I sit for my quiet time, to watch the television or when I need to take a breather.

I enjoyed this photo-a-day challenge. I documented my daily life for a month through these photos. 

Tomorrow is a new month. Watch out for the April Photo-A-Day. I am so joining! 

If you wish  to join this challenge, please click on this post by Fat Mum Slim for the instructions. 


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  1. I hope to get my new camera soon so I'll be able to join. My phone camera is not good at all.:(


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