Pinterest Quote for the Week: Motherhood

Pinterest has too many great and interesting quotes. I have three major boards on just quotes. Yes, I definitely need constant reminders in my life. 

Thought it'd nice to feature my favorite find for the week. For this week, I have something on MOTHERHOOD.

When I saw this one, I laughed. 

I honestly never thought about what the poster was saying. 

It is absolutely TRUE.

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I experienced this time - being a stay-at-home mom without kids when I was still pregnant with Javi. It was fun having the time for anything I want to do. When I looked back, I wished I accomplished more. 

It's a different life now. I have my precious little boy. Being a stay-at-home mom now is exhausting BUT the most rewarding thing. My little boy is adorable. The joy he brings to us is immeasurable. I am falling in love with him every day. 

I would be thinking how would life be like if I didn't have Javi. What would I do when Jed works late? Our home would be very quiet and lonely. 

Now, I actually dread when Javi has to go to school. I have gotten so attached to my little boy.

Life has definitely a way of turning things around. 

Happy Sunday!

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