March Photo-A-Day: Second Week

I am enjoying this challenge. I am now on Week 2.

Day 8 - Window
The view is one of the reasons I love living in our apartment.

Day 9 - Red
Now what could be more red than Elmo or a family of Elmos. I am raising a toddler thus the need for Elmos.

Day 10 - Loud
I picked this car as it is visually loud. It was from a display from Paul Smith.

Day 11- Someone you talked to today
I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch and chatting with this wonderful couple. 

Day 12 - Fork
Salad fork from IKEA which I need to use more.

Day 13 - A sign
This is the sign that would welcome guests at our home. Shoes are the worst carrier of germs.

Day 14 - Clouds
It was overcast and very hazy in Bangkok. 

For more of this photo-a-day challenge, check it out here.

Again, you may find my photos in Flickr, Twitter and Google+.

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  1. I love this set irms, your photos are awesome! :)
    i still need a lot of catching up to do hahaha

    1. Thank you, Em! I love looking at your photos, too. Kayang-kaya yan!


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