March Photo-A-day: First Week

 I came across the Photo-A-Day idea from Mashable. I was then introduced to Chantelle or more popularly known as Fat Mum Slim. She is a famous blogger from Australia. As it turns out, I adore Chantelle's blog. I immediately subscribed to her blog. And I welcome a blogger from Down Under as I mostly follow bloggers from North America. 

What I liked about her Photo-A-Day challenge is she comes up with a subject everyday. It is not just taking photos of random things. I looked at her list for February and I wished I knew about her challenge at the beginning of the year. I had to wait for March to start my photo-a-day challenge. I also wished I have an iPhone so I could use the Instagram app. Well, I only have my BlackBerry so that would have to do for now.  And of course, there is our trusty camera.

For March here is the list for the challenge. It's up to anyone who joins the challenge to interpret the subject for the day the way he/she wants to. 

My first week goes like --

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Something I wore

You can find these photos in Flickr, Twitter and Google+.

I am enjoying this challenge. It's a little break from my daily routine and it helps me be resourceful and creative. 

A special thanks to my dearest friend, Ms. Kitty, for encouraging me to blog about this.

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  1. I really hope that Instagram would expand to Droid and Blackberry users :)
    But you know what, you can actually make an account with your iPad.


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