What I Love About the 84th Academy Awards

I am one of these people who never misses the Oscar's. I love movies so I follow the awards season in the US so I would know which movies are worth watching.  

Last year's winner, The King's Speech, did not disappoint. Jed and I have been watching it over and over when we catch it on cable TV.

Of course, the Academy Awards brings out the fanciest gowns. I delight looking at beautiful gowns worn by gorgeous actresses.  

My favorite gowns this year are:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford
Photo Source

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
Photo Source

Octavia Spencer in Todashi Shoji
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And my favorite performance was the Cirque du Soleil act. I was blown away. I had no words.

The most touching moment for me was when Meryl Streep thanked and honored her husband first in her accepting speech. What a woman!

Loved this Instagram photo posted by E! Online of the Best Actor Jean Dujardin and Best Actress Meryl Streep.

Photo Source
What's next for me? I need to watch all nine films that were nominated for the Best Picture. I would start with The Artist and Hugo.  

What are your favorite moments at this year's Academy Awards?
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