The Perks of No House Help

Majority of our household had been sick the past few weeks. First, it was Javi who caught a viral infection (again!). I eventually caught what he had and was sick the following week. 

I was down for three days. You can imagine the chaos that put our house into. My dear husband had to run the house, take care of me, feed me and look after Javi. Boy, it was not easy for him.  But he did a marvelous job. He even had to take a day off since I was too weak to move. I hate that he had to miss work but we had no choice. 

I appreciate him MORE the past weekend. 

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If we had household help or nanny then Jed would not have taken care of me the way he had. So for me, it's definitely a perk of having a husband at the same time of no house help.  I love being spoiled that way.

I am so much better now. TLC definitely works. 

"In sickness and in health..."

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  1. Sweetness! Glad you're feeling better now. :)Good job to Jed.

  2. Yes, so much better than yesterday. I had the best nurse. ;-)


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