My Favorite Love Story

Surprisingly, my favorite love story comes from an animated film and not those dramatic or cheesy romance movies.

I wanted to watch Up because of the cute kid, Russell. It was supposed to be comedy, adventure and animation in one. What I did not expect was crying through the love story of CARL and ELLIE. It was one of the sweetest I have seen. A couple of years later and I would still cry while watching Up. 

Carl and Ellie met when they were young kids. They became good friends, fell in love and got married. Life was not easy for them, they were not blessed with children. They still enjoyed life and each other despite that. Their love story continued until their old age.

Ellie fell sick and eventually had to die. My heart sank. Poor old Carl. He ended up bitter and grumpy. And then he met the cute boy, Russell. 

The story focused on Carl's adventure with Russell.

At the end of the movie, Carl went through a scrapbook from Ellie.

This is the page that made me cry again.

I found the one who is loving me and would love me like Carl. The kind of love I want is one that would last until we are old and gray. I used to be afraid of growing old. Not anymore. I guess I was afraid  of growing old alone. 

Happy Valentine's day to my one true love - my dearest husband! We will definitely have a story like Ellie and Carl.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

By the way, what's your favorite love story?

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