My Vision Board for 2012

Since I am a visual person I decided to create a vision board for 2012.

From left to right:

Row 1
Pray MORE this year
Angkor Wat, Cambodia - the one destination I want to go
On my wishlist: Tory Burch Reva in Fresh Tan

Row 2
Learn to poach an egg
My one word for 2012: FORGIVENESS. Learn to forgive and to ask for forgiveness
On my wish list and to learn: Adobe Illustrator

Row 3
I commit to live a healthier lifestyle
On my wish list: a nice watch for Jed and myself
Finish The Purple Book

What do you hope to do/go/own/learn/commit this 2012?

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  1. Forgiveness is a great word - and something that will be a real blessing in your life.

  2. Thank you, Tracie! And for telling me it will be a real blessing. I did not look at it that way. Hope is great, too. If only everyone will keep that in their hearts.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. And yes I wanna learn how to poach an egg as well, I have not done that yet.

  4. Forgiveness is a powerful word. My word is Restore and I'm hoping God will restore several areas in my life. May God bless you on your journey this year! I love your vision board!

  5. Thank you Raymund. I am a big fan of your recipe/blog. It's because of you my family is eating delicious meals.


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