"It's More Fun in the Philippines"

Do you know that in 2050, 
"The Philippines will leap frog 27 places to become the world's 16th largest economy."
- from CNN Business Blogs "World's Top Economies in 2050 Will Be...."

Definitely time to be back home by then. Who would've thought Javi's future may be brighter in his home country?

I have said it over and over -- I love my country, the Philippines. No matter where in the world I am, I am proud to be Filipino. Given the choice, I would not have left. But as you all know being a wife trumps being a Filipino. 

I will keep my citizenship for as long as I can. Until death, perhaps? It is a part of who I am. I want it to stay that way.

A few and a half weeks ago, the Department of Tourism launched its new tourism campaign. Wow Philippines had been great and served the country well, however, times have changed and we need to be more competitive thus the new logo and campaign. The current DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez worked with advertising agency BBDO Guerrero launched the new slogans and logos:



It's simple and true. If someone asks why visit the Philippines, you now have an answer.

"It's more fun in the Philippines!"

 What is more fun? "Well, whatever you can think of? Eating. Shopping. Hanging out in the beach."

Why is it more fun? "It's because of the people - the Filipinos!"

The response to the campaign was amazing. Filipinos all over the world came up with their own versions. Some excellent, others were brilliant, a few were witty and there were those "what-were-they-thinking" versions.

My favorites are:

The best pig in the world!

Breathtaking scenery

My favorite breakfast ever

The perfect cone

The whitest and finest sand
There are no words to describe this one.

For an almost complete gallery of memes created, please check out their Pinterest board.

Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet came up with the complete information how each of us can help the campaign. Every Filipino can be ambassadors. Check out his entry here.

It's definitely more fun in the Philippines. I miss home every single day.

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