Hello 2012!

I love New Year's. It's a chance to start over.

Resolutions? No. Never worked for me.

Goals. Yes, I did set goals. I met 11 out of 12. Guess what did not work for me? (Hint: I now regularly go to Browhaus at Siam Discovery.)

Yesterday, the genius who is Seth Godin said this:

You don't need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment.

It's like he was speaking directly to me.

Okay, I get it, Seth. No more new plans. I actually need to COMMIT first. Commit to the resolutions, goals, and plans I made years ago. Some of them failed, others are still in the process, and some needs continuance so I will be a better person than the previous year. 

In one of my reading time, I discovered this manifesto from Aileen's blog, Creating Clever. She pretty much laid out what I'd like to pursue this 2012.

The Aileen Manifesto

Don't you agree that what's written in the manifesto is a great way to live 2012?

It's a brand new year, what will you commit to doing this year?

May all of us have an amazing year!
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