Sun, Sea and Sand

Okay, it took a while to get this series of posts running. I got distracted with adjusting back to our life here in Bangkok. Plus I needed a motivation to write again. Oh, and the photos take a while to edit. 

It's already December and I can slowly feel the cooler air in Bangkok. Or is it only my imagination? Now this would be a good time to recap our recent trip to one of my favorite destinations in this world, BORACAY

And after four years, I am back on the island. My last trip there was before I got married. Boy, a lot of things had changed in four years. I am now married with a son. 

Boracay did change, too. It is more commercialized now with so many new establishments. I still remember when it was still difficult locating an ATM machine on the island. Now, ATM machines and even banks are all over. 

However when I set foot on Boracay beach with its finest sand, I remembered why this place will always be a favorite.

The beach at Station 1

Perfect scene - blue skies, inviting water and white sand

Boracay's landmark - Willy's Rock

Willy's Rock on Station 1

Willy's Rock

For me, Boracay has the finest white sand in the world

We stayed on Station 1 for the first two nights. We wanted to experience the life on Boracay itself. This trip was more family friendly as we had Javi with us. So no more drinking our hearts out 'till after midnight. Come to think of it, I didn't even have a sip of margarita on this trip. 

We found a good deal at Residencia Boracay. We all know how accommodation is hugely overpriced in Boracay so the rates at Residencia Boracay fit our budget. I love their location which is in the quiet part of Station 1.  

We enjoyed the time we spent on the shore of Station 1. Beautiful sunsets, walks on the beach, best swimming experience and access to home-grown restaurants.

Perfect sunset on our first afternoon

A trip to Boracay will never be complete without several stops in Jonah's
Did you know that first-ever Cyma is at the D'Mall in Boracay?

My newest find on this trip: Real Coffee's Calamansi Muffin and coffee

On our third day, we transferred to Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa. I seriously have no words to describe how beautiful the resort is. So grateful my husband works for the Shangri-La chain which allows us to experience the resort without paying an aram and a leg because of his discount.

Experiencing Boracay, the Shangri-La way

Everything was perfect - the room, the pool, the Adventure zone which Javi enjoyed tremendously, the gym (yes I woke up extra early to workout) and the free shuttle to D'Mall. There even was a birthday cake for Javi even if his birthday was a few days away.

We still, of course prefer trying out the restaurants in the main Boracay area so I was pleased to learn the resort has a shuttle which could take us to D'Mall during meal time.  

My three favorite things on this trip:

Quiet time with this view
My favorite breakfast
Watching the sunset with the two most important men in my life

Boracay, you are still worth going back to!

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